Hi, I’m Charl

Charl is a Christian missionary, author, and activist in Africa.

His belief in his Christian duty to protect the innocent, vulnerable and oppressed led him to single-handedly return fire amid a terrorist attack, saving many lives!

The story of how God led Charl to forgive and pursue reconciliation with his attackers is captured in his best-selling books, Shooting Back – The Right and Duty of Self-defense, and Reloaded: Shooting Back Again.

Now he is engaged in a new war – a battle to establish kingdom-focused covenant communities in Southern Africa.

His pro-active stance on educating the Church and renewing minds with a Biblical worldview drives him to see communities changed through the Gospel, discipleship, and community development.

Charl and his team are:

  • Facilitating a range of strategic projects
  • Directly supporting Africans in remote and marginalized locations
  • Building up and equipping the forgotten young people
  • Creating hope, changing minds, and giving purpose.


Join Charl and In Touch Mission International as they pray and work toward reformation – building a generation of young, Christ-centered, Gospel-driven servant leaders to take action in a broken world.

Hi, I’m Deon

Deon is an former South African policeman and Iraq war veteran, serving in two Special Operations Police Units during South Africa’s violent transition period from apartheid to democracy in the mid-80’s to mid-90’s. 

He was involved in high-risk operations, including counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, interdiction of violent criminals and VIP protection of government officials, and foreign dignitaries.

After his police career Deon joined a multi-national corporate where he focused on security and occupational risk management, change management, forensic auditing and fraud investigation as well as the establishment and implementation of an integrated Risk Management system based on various ISO International Management Standards.

Deon served as a Security contractor for the US Department of Defence (DOD) in Iraq from 2004 to 2007, and continued in Iraq until 2022, in support of International NGO’s and Private Security Companies (PSC), in varying roles including Team Leader, Project manager, Operations- and Security Director, Risk Advisor and Managing Director.

During his career Deon was exposed to continuous and extreme levels of death, destruction, violence and human depravity. It has had a devastating impact on him on an emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational level. 

Deon was diagnosed with Complex PTSD, which is defined as severe and repetitive accumulated trauma, usually originating in childhood and left unattended and suppressed over a prolonged period.

Deon was also afflicted with many addictions, risky behaviours, high levels of anger, resentment, bitterness, hatred, and aggression leading to abusive behavior. The inevitable breakdown of relationships that followed has led to abandonment, hostility and a sense of detachment. 

During the course of these podcasts, Deon will share in vivid detail his long journey to redemption, recovery, healing and deliverance from depravity, darkness and despair into the glorious light, truth and eternal life in Christ, by the amazing grace of God. 

Today, Deon suffers from minimal PTSD impacts.

You may find his story hard to stomach, but in the end, it really is a beautiful story of how God’s grace can transform a wretched sinner into a saint, from hardly surviving to thriving. It does not matter how far we have fallen. There is rescue and restoration in our Rock and Redeemer.